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Private Membership Terms and Conditions

  • Each membership is purchased on an annual basis.
  • You must be a cigar smoker over the age of I 8.
  • Access to the humidor or Member’s Lounge is limited only to those names that appear on the contract. Each Member may bring up to 3 guests in to the Lounge (accompanied by the Member).  There are a maximimum of 20 member’s and guests allowed in the member’s Lounge at any one time.
  • Corporate (Platinum +) Memberships are available and may be used by authorized users of the corporate membership. A maximum of up to 2 additional members may be added to a Platinum+ Corporate Membership. 
  • You agree to refrain from placing any cigar or other product in your humidor that may violate any federal or state law and you are responsible for the contents of your humidor.
  • Management reserves the right to open any humidor for the purpose of maintenance.
  • For the protection of the other (TMC and other member) cigars , no outside cigars are allowed in your personal humidor.
  • The Man Cave reserves the right to revoke the membership of any person/company who does not abide by the policies of TMC determined by it’s management.
  • $25 clean up fee will be assessed if there is found to be excess trash in the lounge. This does not apply to ash trays. Please do not empty the ashtrays in the member’s lounge. A Man Cave staff member will ensure that all embers are extinguished prior to disposal.
  • TMC reserves the right to alter or change the agreement at any time.
  • Full payment is due at the time of signing.
  • TMC reserves the right to remove items out of the humidor if the member decides to renew their membership and does not pay the fee within 30 days.

Replacement costs:
Lock/keys set: $35.00
Change/replace plaque: $40.00

WARNING: TheManCaveCigarLounge.com does not sell tobacco related products
to anyone under the age of 21, nor do we sell cigarettes.
Cigars and Tobacco products on this website are not intended for or
marketed to anyone under the age of 21. Note that, if we ship cigars
to you from our store, these packages will be shipped via UPS with Age
Verification. You must sign, at the time of delivery, that you are at least
21 years of age.
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