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Membership at The Man Cave

 Member's Lounge with 24/7 Member Access

Membership at The Man Cave Cigar Lounge gives you access to many privileges including a private humidor and, with the Gold/Platinum/Corporate memberships, access to our new Private Member's Lounge on a 24/7 basis. Silver members still have access to the Private Member's Lounge, but only during normal business hours. Silver member's lockers are located in the regular lounge area.

We value your investment in fine cigars. It is our desire to store your cigars in perfect condition. With that in mind, we ask you note the following:

Each brand of cigars possesses its own specific characteristics. These subtleties in bouquet and flavor may be lost if you do not store your cigars correctly by separating various types. We urge you to keep your cigars in boxes, as opposed to storing them loosely.
Each private humidor is made of very fine Spanish cedar and Mahogany, with state of the art humidification technology. It is connected to a reverse osmosis water reservoir to reduce metals that tarnish a cigar's flavor. Your humidor will be monitored regularly for proper climate conditions; we guarantee its quality and our service.
Member subscriptions are available for personal and corporate leases on an annual basis, on a 1st come, 1st served basis. Each humidor is personalized with your name on the door. Access to the Member’s lounge will be via secure access 24/7. (except for Silver Level as noted) The Lounge will only be open to the general public during a few select days per year when THE MAN CAVE is holding a store-wide event. (Cigar Brand events, Anniversary party, etc.)

Your lease also entitles you to cigar discounts; the percentage of discount varies with membership Level. All general cigar brands are available at the same discount (with a maximum purchase of one box per month based on availability.)

Concierge Services
  • Access to the private wet bar for members only.
  • Consumer Tabacconist Certification -FREE

To find out more about the benefits of a private humidor locker, please contact us at (281) 549 - 6761 or by email.

Download the Membership Application
here. The application also contains the terms and conditions of membership.

WARNING: TheManCaveCigarLounge.com does not sell tobacco related products
to anyone under the age of 21, nor do we sell cigarettes.
Cigars and Tobacco products on this website are not intended for or
marketed to anyone under the age of 21. Note that, if we ship cigars
to you from our store, these packages will be shipped via UPS with Age
Verification. You must sign, at the time of delivery, that you are at least
21 years of age.
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